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Rachael Sheat

Rachael Sheat is a registered Physiotherapist who completed her Master of Physiotherapy at Sydney University in 2007. Rachael then went onto completing her Masters of Science in Medicine (Pain Management) through Sydney University.

Rachael’s special field of interest within the realm of Physiotherapy is pain management, working with patients in their recovery and managing their pain to help them regain function, confidence and get back to life.

In addition to her training as a Physiotherapist, Rachael has obtained further qualification in Psychology, which assists in supporting the patient from a holistic perspective and gives an insight into the complexities of pain and the human brain.

With experience working in private Physiotherapy Practices including specialised rehabilitation and network pain program providers, Rachael brings a wealth of experience and an enthusiastic approach to patient care from a Physiotherapy perspective.

From her own personal experience, Rachael particularly enjoys the challenges of working with adolescent and young adult populations in unravelling the complex interactions of social, physiological and psychological contributors to ongoing pain.

From her time spent in Ghana, Rachael’s exposure to limited resources early on in her career quickly emphasised the importance of education in creating change both to the individual and surrounding loved ones. This experience has helped shape her Physiotherapy, adopting a simplistic view to regaining function through empowering the individual to access their own powerful pain modulators.

Rachael actively works with patients to engage in multidisciplinary care, where appropriate, to look at the patient’s complete wellbeing in a pain management context. She draws from evidence-based research and works in partnership with her patients to develop a graduated program to return to living.


For any additional information regarding Rachael and her services please contact the rooms via the number listed below or click on the linked website for further information 


Consulting Times: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday   

Contact: 9908-2998



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