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Professor Jacques Joubert



Professor Jacques Joubert-

Neurologist, has commenced consulting at Wyndham Private Specialist Consulting Suites.  Prof Joubert is affiliated with the University of Melbourne, the Royal Melbourne Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital and Epworth Hospital.


Although Prof Joubert deals with all general neurology that is referred to him, he has three areas of particular interest.  One is headache and in this regard he has a specific interest in the management of difficult migraine and frequent headaches particularly those resulting from overuse of analgesics.  He has a national and international reputation in this field and has trained in headache management in both the United States and in Scandinavia.  He specializes in the structure holistic approach to headache management and uses a number of social, psychological and medial approaches to this.


The second are of interest is that of unexplained loss of consciousness, particularly the grey area between epilepsy and neuro-cardiogenic syncope.  The third area of interest is transient ischemic attacks and stroke, as well as the prevention of recurrent stroke through working with general practitioners in the community.


Admissions for management reasons or investigation are done at Freemasons Hospital, Epworth Richmond as well as Cliveden Hill Hospital in East Melbourne.


Consulting Times: Mondays Monthly 

Appointments: 9908 2998 

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