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Justine Suell

Justine Suell has had nearly 10 years experience in the Cosmetic Beauty Industry. She started her career at Elly Lukas where she received impeccable training. Once she started working as a Beauty Therapist, Justine craved more knowledge and wanted to really make a difference to her client’s skin concerns.
This sent her down the path of furthering her studies at the Australasian Academy of Dermal Science. It was through this that she started working with the most advanced Laser and Light-based modalities on the market, along with Skin Peels, Micro-needling and other modalities.
Justine is extremely results driven and thoroughly enjoys seeing the changes in her clients skin. She prides herself on making clients feel comfortable and at ease, through these sometimes-daunting treatments.
Justine will be able to assist and educate her clients in problematic skin concerns like acne, enlarged pores, pigmentation, vascularity and redness and if they want to combat the signs of ageing and want younger, healthier and smoother skin.

Call Justine from Skinfirm Cosmetic Clinic on 0447 016 388 or email her at

You can visit her website for more information about her services or to purchase products from her online store.

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