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Jennifer Castledine

Jennifer Castledine

Jennifer is a highly skilled counsellor and has worked with complex clients, and their families in the Adult Public Mental Health Sector. Qualified as an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, and registered with the AASW. In Jennifer’s experience mental health and relationship issues would appear to have their roots in trauma and generational trauma.

Jennifer is authentic, compassionate, and takes a particular interest in working with trauma. Staying abreast of the latest therapies to treat trauma is a passion. In Jennifer’s experience, intergenerational trauma and childhood trauma, often result in the person having difficulty in having meaningful relationships and being able to connect with others. Jennifer primarily works with adults.

Therapy is geared to the individual client, at a pace that works best for the client. There is no pressure to disclose life history. The client will leave the session with tools to support them in moving forward in life, and we will build further on that in each session. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Person Centred Therapy, are the main modalities used.

Special interest areas:- Trauma, depression, anxiety, difficulties with parents, as an adult, feeling lost in life.


Consulting Times: Wednesdays

Appointments: email referrals to or send an SMS to 0422 436 349


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