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Dr Petrova Lee

Dr Petrova Lee

General Physician/Nephrologist

Statement of approach to patient care & professional background:

Dr Petrova Lee is a General practitioner, GP, Nephrologist, have practice in John Fawkner Private Hospital in Werribee, VIC. Dr Petrova Lee is passionate about what she does. She understands the unique requirements of her patients.

Nephrology, or renal medicine involves diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases and disorders. Common problems with the kidneys include: acute loss of kidney function or chronic worsening of function; hypertension, kidney stones; urinary tract infections; blood loss in the urine; and protein loss in the urine. Treatment

Special interest areas:

  • Kidney Diseases

Consulting Rooms:

Wyndham Private Specialist Consulting Rooms
Level 1, 242 Hoppers Lane
Werribee Vic 3030
Ph: 99082998 Fax: 87421235

Operational Hours:

Fortnight Monday

A referral is required prior to your patient
seeing Dr Petrova Lee

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