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Dr Nick Fisherman



Dr Nick Fisherman has completed his primary medical qualification (MD Doctor OF Medicine) from Afghanistan in the year 1997 then he moved to Pakistan for further qualification where he accomplished MD in Family Medicine in the year 2002 and worked as General Practitioner, later on in 2004 he got interested and started to work as Senior Medical Officer in Burns and Plastic Surgery at one Major and tertiary hospital in Karachi Pakistan (Patel Hospital) then he successfully cleared the requirement for part one in Mater of Surgery in plastic surgery. furthermore, he also achieved Bachelor Of Science in General Medicine from Ashley University in USA.

In Australia he has completed professional development course with ARIMGSAS and has done many professional development workshops and has successfully passed Australian Medical Council (AMC) examinations.
It was around this time that Dr Nick began to pursue his interest in cosmetic medicine by undertaking further study and clinical training and attending cosmetic workshops and seminars, Dr Nick has since worked with many highly regarded Plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

As a qualified cosmetic practitioner, Dr Nick Fisherman has training in laser therapy, micro and ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, Dermatoscopy and skin surgery. He also has extensive experience in anti-ageing procedures like dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injectables, non-surgical face and body shaping, Platelets-rich-plasma (PRP) For Face, Neck and Hair regrowth ,Hair Transplant and Post Transplant Care, High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) Non-surgical Face, Neck & Chest Lift, Acnes Rosacea, Treatment of all scars, Wrinkles and aging skin treatment, Freckles Chloasma, Birthmarks, Waist Tightening and shaping, Factor 4, Laser / IPL Photo Rejuvenation.




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