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Dr Mariolyn Raj

Dr Mariolyn Raj – MBBS (Hons)  FRACS(Urology) Urologist 


Dr Mariolyn Raj provides personalised surgical treatment for men & women for a wide variety of Urological conditions.
She has extensive experience & expertise in surgery for Kidney Stones (Laser, Shockwave & Open stone surgery), all treatments for BPH (including Urolift) & Laparoscopic – minimally invasive surgery & treatment for Urological Cancers: Prostate, Bladder, Kidney & Testis.
Dr Raj also specialises in the assessment & treatment for Bladder Dysfunction & Overactive Bladder; including Urodynamics testing & Bladder Botox.

Special Interests: Kidney Stone Treatment, Prostate Cancer, Benign Prostate Enlargement Treatment, Urological Cancer, Urodynamics Testing, Overactive Bladder Treatment, Laparoscopic surgery.


Consulting Times: Thursday Morning Fortnightly

                                                 Tuesday Afternoon Fortnightly 

Phone: 9805 4381

Fax: 9805 4397






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