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Dr Kushma Nand

Dr Kushma Nand-

Is a Nephrologist and General Physician with a major interest in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) detection and progression. She also investigates the risk factors associated with CKD progression and has a special interest in resistant/refractory hypertension. Her other interests include dialysis and chronic transplantation work. Her research interests cover the epidemiology and detection of CKD.

Dr Nand graduated with honours from University of South Pacific Medical School with a return services league scholarship to the University of Sydney. Her postgraduate work includes appointments in New Castle-Upon Tyne, Newcastle, England and the NepeanHospital in Sydney. She is a clinical tutor with the University Of Melbourne Medical School. She is also an author of the widely renowned Cochrane Collaboration (Cochrane Renal Group) and ongoing research in CKD. She is responsible Chronic Kidney Disease Programme at Western Health (WesternHospital, Footscray and Sunshine).

Dr Kushma Nand has completed a sabbatical in the prestigious Brigham and Women’s Hospital ( Boston USA)affiliated with Harvard University in the field of Nephropathology in 2017. She was attached and was training alongside the world renowned nephropathologist Dr Helmut Rennke during her training in Harvard University Nephropathology Department.
Dr Nand has also acted as associate Dean for Australia Oceania School on Medicine ( Miami USA) and clinical Educator for the in 2017.

Dr Nand has undertaken extensive voluntary work with the indigenous, Maori and Pacific Islander populations to delay the progression of CKD to end stage renal failure.

Dr Nand is also able to converse in Hindi.

Consulting Times: Thursday’s Afternoon Fortnightly

Appointments: 9908 2998

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