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Dr Debo Gorai

Dr Debo Gorai







Dr Gorai has been a Neurologist for 16 years. Trained in Neurology at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences in Bangalore India. He moved to Australia in 2003, where Dr Gorai underwent peer review assessment and training in Neurology at St Vincent’s Hospital,Fitzroy Melbourne under the supervision of my mentor Professor Mark Cook Neurologist at St Vincent’s Hospital to obtain my fellowship(FRACP) in Neurology. Dr Gorai since worked as a consultant Neurologist in both the public and private system. 


Dr Gorai provide’s  services in Neurology covering all areas of subspecialty neurology like stroke,epilepsy,headache,parkinsons disease,multiple sclerosis,nerve and muscle disorders etc. Also providing  services of Nerve Conduction and EMG study and Botox therapy for neurological conditions.


Special interest areas:

  • Nerve conduction and EMG services
  • Botox Injection therapy for chronic migraine,axillary and hand hyperhidrosis,blepharospasm,hemifacial spasm,spasmodic torticollis.



Consulting Times:    Tuesday Monthly


Appointments-   8582-6945




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