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Specialty: Physiotherapy

Isabelle Higgins

Isabelle is passionate about helping maximise people’s quality of life, with a particular interest in sporting injuries due to her active lifestyle and experiences as a state level rower and past dancer. She is also developing an interest in read more..

Matthew Dick

Matt enjoys meeting the diverse demographic of people that Physiotherapy attracts but has developed a special interest in the management of sporting conditions. Specifically, Matt has a passion for lower limb musculoskeletal injuries providing prevention and rehabilitation of ankle, read more..

Rowan Jobling

Rowan enjoys managing a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, with a keen interest in treating lower limb injuries. Rowan enjoys working with dancers and performing artists to get them back on stage. He was the physiotherapist for Hairspray the read more..

Laura Rappazzo

Laura has completed both her Doctor of Physiotherapy as well as a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science. Laura is passionate in treating sports and musculoskeletal injuries particularly of the lower limb as well as particular interest in the read more..

Sara Clapham

Sara has a special interest in treating neck related headache and migraine conditions. She has undertaken several professional development courses in the area and believes the neck is often incorrectly overlooked as a significant contributor to the condition.  Sara read more..
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