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Specialty: Audiologist


Ready to Hear is a Wyndham based independent audiology clinic specialising in paediatric and adult diagnostic care. We provide hearing assessments for children from 8 months and above. Our goal is to provide accurate and reliable hearing results.

By providing accurate and reliable hearing results we can help diagnose ear related diseases and ensure prompt medical treatment and allied health intervention.

Ready to Hear engages with community services, as we believe hearing is an overlooked area in a holistic approach to medical services. Our aim is to work with allied health and medical professionals to bring a greater awareness of the influence hearing loss can have in early childhood development and adult social engagement.

Services Available:
Diagnostic Audiology
Paediatrics (8 months and over)

– Age appropriate diagnostic testing including Audiometry, Speech Audiometry and Tympanometry.
Adults (18 years and over)

Aural Rehabilitation:
Ready to Hear not only provides services for the diagnosis of hearing loss, we also provide aural rehabilitation solutions that are tailored to address your specific symptoms. This ensures that we are a clinic which can walk with you on a complete journey, making sure you once more enjoy the benefits of what you want to hear.

Screening Audiometry

Police Screening- Police Force Application Screening
Aviation Screening- Aviation and Pilots licence Screening
Industrial Screening- Pre-employment Screening

Wax Removal
Our audiologist will use a specialised binocular microscope to see inside the ear canal and then use gentle micro suction and curetting techniques to remove wax safely and effectively

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