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Sally Warne is  senior orthotist at OPC Health, a private orthotic & prosthetic company based in Port Melbourne.  We conduct Melbourne metro clinics as well as serve several regional locations.  One such metro clinic, up until recently at the Werribee Mercy Hospital for many years, is now located at Wyndham Private.

Sally has have over 15 years of experience as an orthotist and in that time treated adults and children for many and varied conditions.  My approach to patient care is simple.  Listen to the patient’s needs and concerns, assess objectively, and then with this information and any Doctor’s referral formulate the most beneficial orthotic prescription.  This may need to take into account any financial restraints of the individual though. 

Sally has the most experience and interest in the orthotic treatment of lower limb musculoskeletal and neurological   problems.  From the fit and supply of custom made foot orthotics for Pes Planus to the manufacture of a custom made Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) to a patient who has had a CVA. Sally is more than happy to see people for compression garments, accommodative footwear and any pre-fabricated orthoses, like lower back braces, knee braces and wrist/thumb braces.

 Consulting Times: Tuesday Mornings Weekly

Appointments: 9681-9666 

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