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Open Seven Days A Week, Hoppers Lane General Practice Is Your Werribee Medical Centre Serving Point Cook, Hoppers Crossing, And Other Wyndham Suburbs


With the tremendous growth of the metropolitan Wyndham area, residents seek the type of quality health care offered by Hoppers Lane General Practice, a Hoppers Crossing medical centre. The practice has been growing just like the city and its suburbs. The doctors and staff there are committed to providing an outstanding medical experience and the proper care to meet all patients’ needs. The state-of-the-art facility is easily accessible located just off of Princes Freeway. Those using public transportation will find it easy to reach as well. Residents of Werribee, Point Cook, and other Wyndham suburbs will find the clinic centrally located and easy to reach.

A Family Friendly Bulk Billing Werribee Medical Centre

Hoppers Lane General Practice provides patients with a wide range of services including treatment for acute illnesses, disease prevention, immunizations, and much more. The highly trained and experienced doctors at the facility cover a wide range of specialties to meet your most urgent health care needs. The clinic is a bulk billing facility. Most fees and procedures are covered for those with a current Medicare card. Patients must present their card as well as any pension or concession cards. The clinic will bill Medicare, which will cover a wide range of services including pathology and X-rays.

A Growing Practice In A Growing Area

As mentioned, the Hoppers Lane General Practice has been growing since its inception and will continue as the city of Wyndham experiences unprecedented growth. Of all Victorian local government areas, Wyndham has experienced the largest and fastest amount of population growth. In fact, the city is the fourth fastest growing area in all of Australia. The number of births recorded in Wyndham has grown by over 40 per cent in the past 20 years and the population of those aged 60 and over is expected to increase immensely. An entire new suburb, Williams Landing is being built as the areas like Hoppers Crossing continue to grow. All of this growth means that area residents will have health care needs. Hoppers Lane General Practice is striving to meet those needs.

Easy To Arrange Appointments

New and existing patients can call the clinic at 03 8731 6500 to schedule an appointment. The general practitioners at the medical centre are able to treat a wide variety of issues including family health. The doctors can monitor child’s health and development as well as women’s health and a myriad of other illnesses and conditions. The clinic doctors are very efficient and work best when patients schedule appointments. From time to time, it is necessary to see patients without an appointment due to the nature of an injury or illness. The clinic tries to keep this to a minimum in order to provide the best quality care to all its patients. Sometimes, that care may require a home visit that can be arranged in very special situations.

Near Point Creek, the medical centre that can provide you with bulk billing, female doctors, seven days a week service, and on site pathology is Hoppers Lane General Practice. Call today to schedule an appointment or go online and visit them at

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