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Bulk Billing Doctors

With Modern Facilities And Easy Access, Hoppers Lane General Practice Features Bulk Billing Doctors Serving Werribee, Point Cook, And Hoppers Crossing


Hoppers Lane General Practice is a state-of-the-art medical facility with bulk billing doctors for Werribee, Point Cook, and Hoppers Crossing residents. The modern medical centre is centrally located to help serve the city of Wyndham and its growing suburbs. Situated just off of major freeways and accessible by public transport, the clinic is easy to get to and can serve patients in the entire metropolitan art. Patients have access to a wide range of medical services including specialties like cardiology as well as on site pathology and X-rays. Hoppers Lane General Practice strives to deliver first class medical service and an outstanding experience to its patients.

Bulk Billing Doctors At Hoppers Lane General Practice

The practice is a bulk billing facility and bills Medicare directly for patient services and procedures. Patients must present their current Medicare card as well as any pension or concession cards when they visit the clinic. As bulk billing doctors for Point Cook residents, the clinic is able to bill Medicare for most medical services. There are some services that cannot be bulk billed and patients might incur a fee. These services would include medical screenings for work or for vehicle licences. Patients are required to pay a fee for those services. Those fees can be discussed with the practice’s staff prior to the appointment.

A Modern, Growing Practice

Hoppers Lane General Practice has been growing and continues to as the city of Wyndham experiences tremendous growth. Wyndham is the fourth fastest growing area in all of Australia. There has been more population growth in Wyndham and its surrounding areas than any other government area in Victoria. The city’s current population hovers around 190,000 and is expected to almost double by 2030. With that population growth comes the need for more services, including health care. Hoppers Lane General Practice was developed as a modern, state-of-the-art facility with a central location to provide easy access to as much of the area’s population as possible.

The practice provides such services as immunizations, treatment of illnesses, and the management of any chronic medical problems. Hoppers Lane General Practice provides complete family medicine. Doctors can monitor children’s health, treat women’s issues, and even perform vasectomies. The clinic is committed to preventative care and providing professional, reliable advice and treatment for all of its patients.

Easy Booking For Great Service

The medical centre has an easy system for booking appointments, which helps the facility’s doctors be more efficient with their care. Patients, new and existing, can call the clinic at 03 8731 6500 and schedule an appointment. The process can also be done online by going to and clicking on “Book Online.” Patients can follow the on-screen instructions to schedule an appointment via the web.

The easy booking is one of the nice things about Hoppers Lane General Practice as is having bulk billing doctors serving Hoppers Crossing and other areas. The new modern facility is a one stop shop for medical services where patients can receive medical care for the most basic of illnesses or even more specialised care for chronic medical conditions. For more information about the clinic, visit

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