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Wyndham Day Surgery

Wyndham Day Surgery – Opening Feb 2014

Phone – 9731 6646

Wyndham day servicesWyndham day services Wyndham Private Day Surgery is a state-of-the-art day surgery servicing Melbourne’s West. See Map below.

Located in the booming suburb of Wyndham opposite Werribee Mercy Hospital, next to Wyndham Private Medical Centre and adjacent to the Princes Freeway and public transport, Wyndham Private Day Surgery is a response to the demands from local patients and specialists needing surgical facilities locally.

Some of the specialists utilising Wyndham Private Day Surgery include the following

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Specialty Specialists Name
Gastroenterology    Dr Georgina Baker
Dr John Ring
Dr Ian Fok   
General Surgeon  Mr Brett Knowles
Dr Michael Hii
Melbourne IVF   Dr Chandrika Parmar

Dr Michael Gronow

Dr Shlomi Barak
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon    Dr Tracey Huntley

Dr Kai Lee

Dr Graeme Wright

Dr Martin Wilkening
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon    Mr Cheng HeanLo

Dr Sophie Ricketts

Dr RaminderDhillon

Dr Michael Xu
Ophthalmology  Dr Jarod Mee

Dr Christine Tangas

For Specialists interested in knowing more about Wyndham Day Surgery please click here or contact Peter Bailey 0438 451 722 Email Us

Patient Admission Information

Wyndham Clinic Staff have prepared this information to assist you when you are admitted for your procedure

Please complete your admission paperwork and either post back in the envelope provided or deliver to Wyndham Clinic at least 5 days before your procedure.

It is important that you tell the staff if you have any allergies or any medical condition such as diabetes and if you are taking Warfarin, or other blood thinners such as Aspirin, Iscover or Plavix.

Accounts must be settled prior to or on admission.   If you have Health Insurance, Wyndham Clinic will claim directly through your Health Insurance for you. Any excess payment attached to your Health Insurance Policy will be payable on the day of admission.   All payments may be made by cash,eftpos or credit card.(Mastercard or Visa)

Please ensure that you:

1 Wear comfortable loose clothing
2 You may take essential medications with a sip of water
3 Arrange for a relative or friend to pick you up and stay with you after the procedure

Bring along – Private Hospital Insurance Details, Pension Cards, Medicare Card. When you arrive at your appointment time your paperwork will be checked by the reception staff. Once the paperwork is completed the admissions nurse will take you through to the admissions room where she will check your medical history.

We ask that you do not bring valuables with you as we cannot be responsible for their safe keeping. You may be asked to change into a hospital gown, depending on the procedure you are having.

You will be seen by your doctor and the anaesthetist and then you will be escorted to the procedure room where the anaesthetist will give you a small injection into the back of your hand. The anaesthetist will administer some light sedation and you will go to sleep.

You will be taken to the recovery room following the procedure where you will recover from the anaesthetic. You will be given food and fluids in recovery room.
You can expect to be at the hospital between 2-3 hours. Before you are discharged your doctor will tell you the results of your procedure.

The recovery room nurse will give you a discharge information sheet prior to discharge and arrange a follow-up appointment with your doctor if required.

Wyndham Clinic warmly welcomes you. In coming to us as a patient, you are entering a new environment and may feel some anxiety and or feel concerned so please ask us for any assistance needed.

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